Plenty of excitement now at Frankford Public Library

There have been a lot of changes over at the Frankford Public Library recently.

In fact, one could say there has really been one seismic change at the library, in that it encapsulates just about every part of the library’s operations. There is a new board of trustees. There is an entirely new staff. And there is a new director. 

Lesley Koble is the library’s new director. She grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania, and studied at Calrion University’s Center for Rural Librarianship — so she seems more than qualified to lead a new staff at a rural library. And she also seems to enjoy doing this in the Frankford community, in particular, along with the current staff, one which Koble says works together very well.

“Our staff really loves this community, and the people in it,” said Koble. “When we come to work, we are shaping our collection of items — books, materials, programs, services around the needs of the community.”

She is also excited about the five women who have stepped up to serve on the board of trustees — Rachel Allen, Marlene Biddinger, Emily Klein-Welch, Cindy Givens and Beverly Straneva.

“These are five ladies who have other obligations and other jobs, but they spend a lot of time helping to direct the library and oversee it,” explained Koble.

The Frankford Public Library is getting a clean slate, so to speak, in regards to the leadership and direcion of the facility and its services. The excitement from this new leadership should provide excitement to those who patronize the library.