Tennis troubles for IR girls

One of the first things to notice about Indian River High School’s varsity girls’ tennis team is a shortage of players. They only have six. Despite recruitment efforts by co-coaches Lauren Weaver and Kristi Wike, the positions remain unfilled.

“One of the biggest difficulties we’ve had is just recruiting enough members for the team,” Wike explained. “So part of the reason for our losing record is we don’t have enough players. We don’t have enough girls for a team, therefore we have to forfeit one point of the five points at each match. We have to forfeit at each match without even playing.”

“I think next year we need to begin recruiting in the fall,” she added. “We can tell the physical education instructors and athletic directors, as well as myself, just advertising that we need players and there is no experience necessary.”

On Tuesday, IR lost two of three singles, and a second double given to the Buccaneers in a win by forfeit.

Madison Galbreath was IR’s only singles winner. Galbreath out-dueled Buccaneer Gabriel Perez, 6-3, 6-3.

“We were both like the same, and I was just being really consistent,” Galbreath described of the match. “It was really just who ever wanted to fight for it more, and guess I did.”

In the first doubles, Indians player Marquez Timmons beat the Buccaneers’ Cortez Zambrano 6-1-, 6-1.

Co-coach Lauren Weaver had been leading the team alone before Wike joined the team this season. Together, they said, they feel they can turn the team around.


By Bruce C. Walls

Special to the Coastal Point