FOP encourages people to honor police on May 15


Peace Officers Memorial Day is held annually in the United States on May 15 in honor of federal, state and local officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. Since the year 1791, over 20,000 law enforcement personnel have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Many people go into law enforcement because of their desire to help others. They are sworn to keep us safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The police job descriptions and duties are as long as your arm. They must have exemplary judgement and knowledge; be able to multitask and face impossible situations while keeping calm, fair and unbiased; work nights, weekends and holidays; and they must be able to make split-second decisions that could end a life.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #16 is asking its members and citizens to place a blue light in their window during the week of May 15 to show support for local law enforcement and to honor the sacrifice fallen officers have made.

You can also show appreciation by displaying blue ribbons, which are a symbol of law enforcement support. Display your support with blue ribbons on your car, mailbox, front porch or door. You can also honor their sacrifice by flying your flag at half-mast.

These are great gestures to support law enforcement, but please do one thing more that will make a bigger difference: Talk to your local officers and thank them personally.


Paul Bolton

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #16

Bethany Beach