Reader urges South Bethany voters to elect new council


As an owner since 1973, I have great concern about our government.

This council has not been transparent, informative or fiscally responsible, and has not led our town to greener pastures.

Last year, I saw a very aggressive campaign to oust a hard-working mayor and mayor pro-tem. Boots on the ground campaigned for change and better relations with our police department. Voters bought it.

Not only did the current council do nothing to better relations with our police department, but they stood idly by and watched the dismantling of the department to the point of only one remaining officer. They put such hiring constraints on our chief that he was put in an untenable situation to retain or attract officers. In the end, he was deemed the cause of the failure and very suddenly “retired.”

This past year has been horrific for our jewel of a town, and with the upcoming election we now have the opportunity for change and new voices with four owners with no political baggage stepping up.

The incumbents have signs around town that say “Experience Matters.”

The experience we have had in the last year with the current council speaks volumes. They have abused their power and have not been respectful of the position, owners who attend meetings, or the seamless operation the police department has provided for decades.

I say, “Out with the old and in with the new...” Please vote Abbott, Bonbright, Budd, Donohue. Let’s get our town back on the right track 


Kathy Megyeri

South Bethany