Incumbents, Oliver get more support in South Bethany


Spring has arrived. Flowers and South Bethany Town Council campaign signs are popping up everywhere. There are four council seats up for grabs and eight candidates running. It is encouraging to see this level of interest in serving the community. Property owners in South Bethany have both an opportunity and a responsibility to cast an informed vote at the polls on May 25.

My vote will be cast for the three current council members: Councilpersons Carol Stevenson, Frank Weisgerber and Jerry Masiello, and for Dick Oliver, who is the chair of the South Bethany Planning Commission.

My husband and I have owned property in South Bethany since 1993 and have lived here fulltime for about 17 years. Both of us have been active in community activities and have had the opportunity to work with those I support. They have been immersed in the issues facing the Town, and understand the laws and regulations which apply to South Bethany.

Further, those I support know the Town, its history and the varied backgrounds of people who live and visit here. They know the pleasures and challenges of living in a resort community that ebbs and flows with the seasons.

In addition, the slate that I support bring life-experiences that are directly related to the business of the council, including budget and finance, long-range planning, familiarity with the laws and regulations that guide the Town’s work, personnel and organization management, law enforcement, marketing and public relation, and science-based efforts to preserve and maintain the environment.

I believe that the current council has worked tirelessly under duress to resolve issues facing the Town. I believe they have a well thought-out plan, including financial implications for rebuilding and sustaining the police department to fit current needs. The people I support can hit the ground running on May 25.


Martha J. Fields

South Bethany