Reader: Dog owners should consider others


I would like to address the issue of dog owners who feel the need to treat their dogs like “humans.” I’ve witnessed over and over again dogs being placed in shopping carriages by their owners at numerous area stores. These are the same type of owners that allow their dogs to sit on the benches at the area boardwalks as well.

The dogs I am referring to are clearly not service animals and have no right to be sitting in carriages or on benches.

I would venture to say not one owner who practices this ritual stops to think of the next person using that carriage or bench. They don’t seem to realize this person could be someone who is highly allergic to dogs and any contact — even second-hand — could be fatal. Putting someone in medical jeopardy because owners feel their dog should be sitting in a cart or on a bench is inconsiderate, not to mention just gross!

We non-dog lovers don’t want to say hello, pet or, frankly, even acknowledge your dog as we are taking a walk or shopping in a store. We don’t want to be sniffed, licked, rubbed up against by your dog, or tangled up in your stretch-out leashes, either.

No doubt, my statements will likely offend many dog owners. I am willing to take any criticism dished out if it makes these owners more considerate of others. I so look forward to the 15th of May when dogs are banned from the beach and boardwalk. Unfortunately, this is only for the summer season; next September we’ll again have to endure dogs being allowed by their human counterparts to sit on benches and roam the beaches.


Sam Celone