Reader thankful for Bethany ambulance crews after health issue


On Friday, April 26, I was playing tennis at the Sea Colony Tennis Center when I suddenly collapsed. Two of the other players are doctors, and they immediately tended to my needs. They quickly determined that my vital signs were not good, and 911 was called by another player. The Bethany ambulance arrived, vital signs taken, and it was determined that I needed hospital care, so I was loaded on a stretcher for a trip to Beebe.

As a humorous aside, the spouses of two of the other players were coming in the door as I was being carried out. It was reported to me that one of the women said, “That’s not my husband — that guy has white hair”; and the other woman said, “That’s not my husband — that guy has more hair than my husband.” As luck would have it, it had started to rain so the EMTs had covered my head with a covering so the two women thought I was dead. Fortunately, they were wrong.

I cannot commend the Bethany ambulance EMTs more highly. They were professional, reassuring, helpful, calming and caring. One of them kept her hand on my arm and kept talking to me in a way that helped settle my body and mind. They cared for me professionally and also demonstrated that they cared about me — very important to those receiving treatment.

I was treated at Beebe, and it was determined that my heart had “paused” in its beating and this caused my problem. I was released but was asked to return for further treatment in two days.

The next morning I suffered another two incidents, and Bethany ambulance EMTs were called again. The issue was now more severe but the treatment by the Bethany folks was equally professional and caring.

While those were two different groups of EMTs, the professionalism and caring they demonstrated was the same. This speaks volumes about both the training and the character of these dedicated people. Without their caring and treatment, I am convinced my health outcome would not have been as positive.

Bethany ambulance service, thank you from the bottom of my repaired heart.


Dick Fox

Bethany Beach