Selbyville library seeking new board member

The Selbyville Public Library has an opening for a new Board of Commissioners member and is seeking qualified applicants through May 30. The position on the board for the Selbyville Public Library has a five-year term and is limited to two terms.

Kelly Kline, the library’s director, said the relationship between the board members and the director is an intricate one.

“The Board provides oversight for the library’s finances and policy, so the position is important. I work closely with the board members, and get a lot of support from them, so our relationship is significant.”

The position, she said, is ideal for someone looking to volunteer in their community and have an impact. Experience in the areas of non-profit, education and library work are a plus, but not required. Candidates should have strong ties to the Selbyville area, she said, because they are responsible for oversight of the Selbyville library, which provides direct services to Selbyville residents and beyond.

“The Selbyville Public Library is a community cornerstone that serves in a variety of capacities, including being an after-school sanctuary for kids doing homework and research, providing meaningful educational and nutrition programs, as well as reading incentives, and health and human services access for community members.

“Being a part of the Selbyville Public Library’s Board of Commissioners is a great chance for someone who may want to volunteer within the community but aren’t sure how to get involved.”

Sue Nilsson, president of the Board of Commissioners, said, “Being part of the board is very rewarding, particularly as we look forward to possibly increasing our capacity to enhance the services we provide to our ever-growing community.”

Interested applicants can apply at the Selbyville Public Library. Applications must be in by May 30. The current board will review all applications and make a decision in June. For more information, call (302) 436-8195.