Election should show where S.B. voters truly stand

Next weekend will bring a new chapter to this community’s story of 2019 — Memorial Day weekend, and the summer season that follows in its wake.

It will also bring something of import to the residents and property owners of South Bethany: An election that will hopefully offer a clear mandate as to the future direction of the Town.

There is obviously a divide to some degree within South Bethany. A vocal group of residents has been critical of the sitting council because of how they felt the police department has been managed by officials, as well as for a perceived lack of transparency by the Town’s leadership. Another group of residents believes the council has been completely justified in its actions, and has been as transparent with the public as it is legally allowed to be when considering issues of a personnel nature, or potential litigation.

And debate is good. Debate is great, actually. We often advance as a society through conversation, in particular when it comes to a governing body.

But when conversation turns rancorous, and accusations begin to fly amongst neighbors... well, it’s difficult to see how that is good for anyone involved in a situation.

We are extremely encouraged by the passion shown by so many people in South Bethany, both regarding this election and the overall management of the Town. But we hope that the election next weekend offers some closure to the debates, and a clear path forward in uniting the people of South Bethany towards the future.

Let the people speak. Then follow their lead.