Former property owners offer endorsements


For over 23 years we truly enjoyed our home on South Ocean Drive in South Bethany.

We were investment owners that rented, but we enjoyed many weeks at our home and established great neighborly relationships along the way. I served on the Board of Adjustments for several years. Though we sold in 2018, we continue to be weekend guests of close friends and stay on top of current affairs of the town.

Over the last year, we have been saddened by council performance and lack of transparency and accountability with owners. For such a small town of less than one mile, this should be a happy place. The beach should represent family, friends and fun! Now it seems to have an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust, since owners are not well-informed or engaged by their government.

This must change to move on a path of betterment for the town. Council members take an oath for office, and they must be held accountable for transparency, public deliberation before voting on any agenda item, and fostering community volunteerism. Newcomers should not be discouraged or admonished, they should be encouraged and admired. Government should not be about the handful but the plenty of the community.

Your voting actions will help make South Bethany a better, safer and “for the citizens” town, so please vote for Abbott, Bonbright and Budd, Donohue.

Kindly do a little research and embrace new voices!

Thank you in advance.


Bob & Helen Buhner

Former South Bethany property owner