Callaway endorses four for Council


Like so many other South Bethany property owners, I love our town and its residents — it’s our slice of heaven on earth! Recently, so many people have reached out to me asking about the town council election and who I am supporting. I have been actively engaged in South Bethany council and community activities and events for over 15 years and have dedicated many hours to working on behalf of our Town.

The reason for this letter is to publicly state my recommendations and to let you know why I am supporting these four experienced and professional individuals. I can assure you that these candidates have no “personal agenda or ulterior motives,” as has been maliciously implied in other candidates’ campaign materials. Let me give you some examples of these candidates and their true personal agendas:

(1) Frank Weisgerber — Dedicated individual who spends at least 20+ hours a week on water quality, town issues and building a strong police department. He has his finger on the pulse of beach and canal water quality.

(2) Dr. Carol Stevenson — Dedicated retired pharmacist who spends 20+ enthusiastic hours (and currently 40 hours, as she chairs the town’s 50th Anniversary Celebration) on community engagement, building an effective police department and making this a better place for residents and visitors. (She would want me to tell you to please attend the town’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!)

(3) Gerald “Jerry” Masiello — Dedicated and retired DEA agent who brings over 30 years of law enforcement experience to our town and is why Mayor Saxton and the Council appointed him last year. Anyone who heard his compelling and concise remarks at the Candidates’ Forum on May 10 will know what calm, mature, decent, engaging, transparent and effective communication is all about! A man of few words but makes each word count!

(4) Richard “Dick” Oliver — Dedicated individual focused on planning for South Bethany’s future as Chair of the Planning Commission for seven years and creating a Comprehensive Plan that serves as a road map into the town’s future. Dick has spent countless volunteer hours working on these issues and has been actively engaged in town activities for many years.

I am proudly endorsing these four! They have worked for years on the Town’s behalf before they ever assumed they were qualified to serve as an elected official. They have earned their stripes. Should they all win, I strongly urge the other candidates to pledge to become “engaged” in South Bethany affairs by attending Council meetings and becoming more involved in committees and town events. There is so much more to being on the Council, and I would love to see them engage in future meetings and take an active part in more than one issue.

Thanks to strong mayoral and council leadership that has made tough decisions, guidance from an experienced public safety consultant who was chairman of the International Chiefs of Police (IACP), leadership by Sgt. Wiley and solid new partnerships with the surrounding towns of Ocean View and Fenwick Island and the Delaware State Police, we are well on our way to building an effective and well-managed SBPD. A police department that all citizens can be proud of and can rest-assured that they live in the safest town we have ever had.

Sue Callaway

South Bethany