Reader calls for change after referendum


The Indian River School District referendum 2019 fails a second time. The superintendent and the entire Board of Education elected members should acknowledge the voters decision by submitting their resignations. This group is responsible for the double failure.

It is equally a failure by we the eligible voters, as we have not demanded higher standards and, worst of all, we failed our right to vote by not voting. It is not a failure by the students, the educators, the secretaries, the custodians or the bus drivers. They will all continue on to achieve the best they can with the limited resources.

Our voting process is flawed at best. It is an “intentional” failure to not register every single eligible voter automatically. It is an “intentional” failure to not make all our elections and referendums automatically mail-in ballots with postage prepaid. The Indian River School District, Sussex County and the State of Delaware all use the same antiquated voting system, and it has always been a “numerical” failure.

Tell your State elected officials to make the changes necessary in how we vote and register voters with automatic voter registration!

Vote yes on the next IRSD referendum 2020.


Lloyd E. Elling

Ocean View