Reader offers endorsements


Elections have the ability to bring out the best and worst in people. This year, there has been a plethora of mailers from four relatively unknown property owners in South Bethany who are masquerading as new voices.

To my knowledge, they have not participated in Town government or on Town committees for the past 20 years, so I must question their knowledge and experience in local municipal government. Now, in fairness, their material does state that they have “93 years of collective ownership in South Bethany.” Makes you wonder what their collective ages are, and maybe their collective incomes, doesn’t it?

They also indicate that “Under the current council more than tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in legal fees.” Well, that’s easy to correct. Actually, under the former mayor, $109,000 was spent in legal fees in her last year. At the end of this fiscal year, April 2019, Mayor Saxton was able to reduce this expense by more than 50 percent, to approximately $45,000. And, given that one of these candidates is a lawyer, I am not sure why he would believe that legal fees were a “waste of money.”

But in fairness, the pictures are a nice addition, given that these candidates have only surfaced in the past year and very few people in the community know who they are. They say, “we need new voices,” but they don’t realize that while they have been busy with their nasty emails and silly, inaccurate mailers about voices, the current Town Council has been turning around the proverbial Queen Mary.

Instead of a “reactive” government, we have a “proactive” government. The council is following the guidelines set out in the Planning Commission’s 10-year plan and striving to implement the improvements that South Bethany residents determined were most important to them in the past two surveys.

These improvements include: Improved beach access (starting this summer), canal water quality improvement measures, street Improvements and facilities upgrades. A balanced budget was passed. Taxes remained at current levels. A 10-year capital budget plan was initiated. A review of all town fee schedules was undertaken and passed. A maintenance contract for the canals was passed and has started. Upgrades for computer systems were completed. I could go on.

So, next time I get a mailer telling me that the new voices will give me “a fresh perspective with a focus on betterment,” I will decline the offer. I have a very good perspective with Carol, Frank, Jerry and Dick. They are thoughtful people who don’t settle for “better”; they want the very “best”! Vote for them.


Christine Keefe

South Bethany