SMS students win drug-free poster contest

The Selbyville Middle School PTO, in partnership with the administration of Selbyville Middle School and the Lord Baltimore Lions Club, recently sponsored a drug-free poster contest to promote awareness of the dangers and permanent damage to health and family relationships caused directly by illegal drug use.

“Through education, parental guidance, communication, peer support, local youth can set challenging goals for a great future and a healthy adult lifestyle by avoiding the use of non-prescribed drugs and dangerous substances,” representative said. “Being a healthy, happy young person with trusted peer friendships who learns the dangers of the powerful drugs that are abused can be equipped with the right tools and the good sense to say no to drugs, and will succeed in life.”

The contest aimed to involve the students in an exercise that raises awareness of the drug problem when they create their message/posters and also to their peers that view them.

Entries were judged on the artists’ ability to convey the theme of a “Drug Free Healthy Life Style” message to their peers. Judges considered the interpretation of the theme, originality of the submission and quality of the artwork, plus overall artistic ability, creativity and skill.

Six winning posters were selected. The winners are seventh-graders Taylor Conaway, Shanyla Gaines, Isaac Smith, Samantha Ciociola, Collin King and Gina Garcia.

The $50 cash prizes were presented to the winners on April 30 by Janet Bauer, president of the Lord Baltimore Lions Club. Winners also received art kits donated by a club member. All six posters have been displayed in the school library.