Frankford taking a major step in water service

Officials in Frankford are making a tough decision — and we agree with them.

Following decades of struggling to run its own water system for 350 homes in town, Frankford Town Council will purse having a private company take over the Town’s water system, per their Monday, June 3, council meeting. That private company, according to Council Vice President Greg Welch, is, unsurprisingly,  Artesian Water Co.

“It seems that our water plant has so many issues and, right now, it’s hard to resolve them because our base is 350 consumers, or 350 homes, anyway,” explained Welch. “So, with that small base, it makes it very hard to maintain and improve it ... keep it running. So we’re putting the feelers out to see what somebody else can get us.”

Welch added that Frankford’s residents would see a dramatic drop in their cost of water, if Artesian took over the system. He said that the current cost of $12 per 1,000 gallons would dip to $7 for the same amount of water with Artesian.

It’s no secret that the water business is a difficult one for many towns, and it has long been a focus of discussion and angst amongst Frankford residents and officials. Officials are, at the least, doing their due diligance as to finding a better permanent solution, and, at best, generating savings for the Town and providing clean water to the residents at a better price.

It’s wise for Frankford to look at all avenues for its citizens, and we applaud them for setting out to make the Town more liveable for its residents.