Fenwick candidates can file for election

Candidates have until June 19 to register for the upcoming Fenwick Island Town Council election. There are four seats up for election in 2019. Each position has a term of two years. The seats up for election this year are currently held by Gene Langan, Julie Lee, Richard Mais and Roy Williams.

Eligible candidates must be: at least 21 by election day; a natural person; a U.S. citizen; registered to vote in the Town of Fenwick Island for at least one year prior to election day; either a bona fide resident or a property owner of the Town; and never convicted of a felony.

Registration must be submitted in person at Town Hall by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19.

Filing forms are available at Town Hall and online. In addition to town registration forms, prospective candidates must also submit require state forms (online at https://cfrs.elections.delaware.gov).

The annual town council election is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 3. Absentee voting will be allowed. Eligible voters must be at least age 18 and must be either a fulltime resident or a non-resident property owner, including natural people or artificial entities. Any representative voting on behalf of a legal entity must have a notarized power-of-attorney and meet other qualifications.

Details are available online (https://fenwickisland.delaware.gov/election) or can be obtained by contacting Town Clerk Linda Martin at (302) 539-3011. More details and rules on municipal elections are found in Chapter 13 of the Town Code.

Fenwick Island Town Hall is located at 800 Coastal Highway, Fenwick Island.

The Board of Elections will meet to certify candidates on June 19 at 4:30 p.m. The town council will host a special meeting to announce candidates on June 19 at 4:45 p.m.


By Laura Walter

Staff Reporter