‘Bathing Beauties’ at Gallery One in July

Gallery One announced this week that the theme of its July show is “Bathing Beauties,” which will be open to the public June 26 to July 30.

“The title of Gallery One’s show this month reflects the season that is finally upon us in ways both literal and metaphorical. To bathe is to immerse oneself, usually in water, but as this month’s paintings illustrate that can also apply to immersing oneself in sun or fun. And enjoying the ritual of summer bathing isn’t limited to people. Something about soaking up the sun always makes us feel more beautiful too and the way the warm summer light illuminates and bathes in its warm glow makes any subject more beautiful artistically.”

W. Scott Broadfoot’s oil painting “Talbot Street Pier” includes everything that embodies summer, with a traditional bathing beauty front and center. In Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting “Sunny Day,” an elegant heron is bathed in sunlight while waves gently lap against the shore.

Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting “Low Tide” aims to capture the quintessential beach day for visitors and locals alike. The afternoon sun bouncing off the waves and reflected in the tidal pools created, as adults and children alike revel in the water or just enjoy the view and the salt air.

“It is at the water’s edge where people congregate, enjoying the friendships, one eye on the kids, while enjoying the refreshing water. For me as an artist, the added bonus is the variety of the human forms, body language and colors reflected in the water,” she said.

Artist Laura Hickman’s pastel and gouache painting “Hot Summer Day” recalls a beach of bygone days with charm and simplicity. The bathing beauties, including Hickman’s mother as a child and her grandmother, enjoy a family outing to Indian River during a hot summer day circa 1930. In “Ladies & the Sea,” artist Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting, three ladies sit by the sea enjoying each other and the contemplative allure of the ocean.

Artist Mary Bode Byrd’s acrylic painting “Birdhouses at 123 & Ocean” recalls her walk to the beach on family vacations, in which the neighborhood families filled the posts along the walk to the water with bright and whimsical birdhouses.

Eileen Olson’s painting illustrates that it isn’t just the two legged beauties that enjoy a day at the beach. “Beach Buddies” is a watercolor painting of two furry buddies enjoying a day on the boardwalk, soaking up the cool windy ocean air and sun.

“After they are done greeting every passing person, they can’t wait to visit the local pet store in town for a special treat. They usually sleep the rest of the afternoon after their fun and happy beach day.”

Gallery One is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is always staffed by an artist. For more information, visit the gallery at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View, call (302) 537-5055 or visit www.galleryonede.com.