Millville proposal is intriguing, and professional

Now this is an interesting concept.

The Millville Planning & Zoning Commission heard a proposal last week regarding plans for a car wash that would be located on the south side of Route 26, between the Dollar General store and the entrance to the Denton Mills subdivision. The project is being proposed by Imoh Matthews of Frankford.

Matthews retired to Sussex County from a leadership position at SourceAmerica, a Virginia-based organization that provides disabled employees for businesses and government employers in Washington, D.C., and several states. What makes his background important is the very thing that makes this particular project so compelling.

Matthews plans to staff the car wash with disabled employees, including military veterans. There will be two management positions filled by a “qualified veteran or trainee,” according to literature provided to the commission, and a supervisor who is “qualified to work with disabled staff.”

The applicant also provided 15 conditions, including lighting and music, and a representative from Clean Edge — the company providing the car wash machinery — told the commission that the noise from the car wash itself would be “less than a car on Route 26.”

We are not taking a side on this being approved or not, and Millville has a process in place to determine that themselves, but we applaud the professionalism and depth of this presentation, as well as the spirit behind their staffing goals.