The police are trying — now it’s up to the rest of us

While there can be some debate as to whether “summer” starts around here Memorial Day weekend or with the summer solstice, but there is one milestone on the calendar that really can’t be argued — July 4th is the height of the season, and it just stays busy from this point until the kids start going back to school.

That means the traffic will be a bit heavier, the stores and restaurants will be a bit busier, the beaches a bit more crowded and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians will be a bit more perilous.

The Ocean View Police Department is once again trying to help with that last part, at least as much as they can, by holding a bicycle checkpoint on Friday, June 28. The checkpoint will be on Muddy Neck Road, and run from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The police will go over safety procedures for bicycling in the area, and will install lights for free, if needed.

This is a proactive attempt to avoid a catastrophic accident in the future, and everyone who rides their bicycles around town at night should swing by and get advice and help from professionals. 

Summer at the beach is a time to relax, enjoy our natural surroundings and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s try to make those memories positive ones, and our lifetimes to last as long as possible.

We thank the Ocean View Police Department for taking the lead again in public safety.