Police seek to thank Good Samaritans who aided officer

Millsboro police are asking the two members of the public who rushed to the aid of a police officer, then drove away without identifying themselves, to contact police so they can be properly thanked.

In the early morning of June 19, the men — who were in a parked car nearby — saw Officer Dallas Millner struggling with 26-year-old Guillermo Zermeno in Hudson Alley near Millsboro Town Hall. The men ran to Millner and asked if he wanted them to help.

“The officer said yes. They held the suspect’s legs down so the officer could handcuff him,” explained Officer David Moyer, who handles public relations for the Millsboro Police Department.

“We’d like for these Good Samaritans to come forward so we can give them a warm thank-you. There was a good outcome. Nobody got hurt,” Moyer said.

“Officer Millner made contact with the two suspects, but they ran in separate directions. Officer Millner pursued one, but he resisted arrest,” Moyer said.

Zermeno, of Millsboro, was charged with possession of controlled dangerous substance and resisting arrest. Because of outstanding warrants, he is in Sussex Correctional Institution, Moyer said.

Police located the other suspect but determined no reason to charge him.

“It can get confusing in a situation like that” for a person “to determine who they wanted to help, the suspect or the officer. They did the right thing by asking the officer if he wanted them to help him,” Moyer said.

“We never encourage citizens to put themselves in harm’s way, but we were very appreciative these two men asked if they could help. Their help was very beneficial. There could have been injuries, but they were prevented,” he said.


By Susan Canfora

Point Reporter