LuLaRoe fundraiser to benefit Rwandajoy charity effort

A fundraiser for children in Rwanda, in East Africa, who can’t afford everyday necessities, such as school uniforms and lunches, is planned for July 1 at Ocean View Presbyterian Church.

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., LuLaRoe Clothing — described as comfortable and casual — will be sold, with $10 from each sale going to Rwandajoy.

Rwandajoy was co-founded by Susan Rizer, a retired teacher and part-time Ocean View resident, and the Rev. Boyd Edmondson, pastor of Mount Tabor Presbyterian Church in Sigel, Pa.

Both have been to Rwanda several times and sponsored children in the depressed, poverty-stricken area.

“We look at this like a mission,” Rizer said.

Their website, at, states they believe “that we are led by God to serve our neighbors wherever our neighbors may live” and that education is the tool to overcoming poverty.

Typical school fees, including room and board, include $50 per month for elementary school students, $100 per month for secondary school students and $1,200 to $5,000 per year for university students.

Many families can’t afford those costs, or shoes, uniforms or meals for students, so fundraisers are planned to help, Rizer said.

See the website for more information or to donate.


By Susan Canfora

Point Reporter