Sad ending hits home for this entire community

Our community shed a collective tear this past weekend.

Though the odds seemingly got longer every day that Bethany Beach resident Linda Bravo would be recovered safely, there was still that little pang of optimism that she would be found in good condition — that she was disoriented or made other plans without telling people. 

Or anything. 

We wanted so badly to return her to her family and beloved dogs. We wanted to see smiling police officers who worked tirelessly in pursuit of her holding a press conference announcing that Bravo was receiving medical attention and would be able to resume her day-to-day life soon.

But it didn’t happen. On Friday, June 28, they found Bravo in a South Bethany canal. The next morning, they located the vehicle that caused many of us in this community to take a second look at every white vehicle we passed, hoping against hope to see Bravo behind the wheel.

It was a sad ending to a terrifying story.

We do applaud the efforts of law enforcement officials, the people who pulled together to participate in a search for Bravo last weekend and everybody who shared information and stories on social media to try to locate Bravo safe and sound. 

And now we move to hoping for closure for the family, while we embrace them as a community in heartache for their horrible loss. Linda Bravo will not be forgotten by any of us who saw this play out, and she will live forever in our memories.