Millsboro police hire Wise as victim services specialist

The Millsboro Police Department has hired Vonshea Wise of Millsboro as its first victim services specialist.

Selected from 35 applicants from Maryland and Delaware, she will assume the position this Friday, July 5, and be paid $40,000 annually, funded by a federal grant from the Delaware Criminal Justice Council, according to Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway.

The position, posted on May 7, will be funded for two years.

Calloway, at the Millsboro Town Council meeting Monday, July 1, made a motion to accept the position, and it was unanimously approved.

Wise was formerly employed by the Wicomico County (Md.) Department of Aging.

“She’s very excited. She wants to get to meet everyone. … We are looking forward to this. She will provide customer service for the police,” Calloway told the Coastal Point.

“She will follow up on every crime, from a damaged mailbox to serious crimes. She will follow up with every victim, offering services and making sure they have reports.

“If there is a follow-up for information, she’ll find that out. If a person needs to give more information to reporting officers, she will be sure the officer gets in touch with the victim.

“I have wanted this for a long time,” the chief said.

“We’re good at catching bad guys, but sometimes we forget these are victims and they might need domestic counseling, help with court appearances, transportation. She will do that all.”


By Susan Canfora

Point Reporter