Selbyville décor shop sells unique items, with town spirit

Selbyville’s newest shop doesn’t just want to be a cool destination, although it sells unique items. From their spot on Church Street, Tatum-Poole Décor & More wants to actively participate in a downtown revitalization.

“Our long-term goal is really to make Selbyville be a destination, not just a pass-through,” said Val Englert, store manager. “The owner wants that to happen, bring Selbyville back to being a main street, one store at a time … make it a really cute, downtown little area. … It has such wonderful potential.”

Inside the shop, “We’re kind of doing a combination of rustic-meets-modern kind of thing,” which includes coastal flair and refurbished/reclaimed wood, said owner Brandon Tatum-Poole.

The shopping experience will often change as the shop displays new and different items.

“We’re always bringing in new stuff. So, if you don’t buy it, I can’t guarantee we’ll have it again,” said Englert, adding that he’s always aiming for “unique pieces that you won’t see anywhere.”

Furniture includes reclaimed wooden cabinets, brand new armchairs and colorful throw pillows. (Delivery is free within 10 miles.)

Other items include lamps, vases, clocks, soy candles and homemade soap. Some design elements can make a place pop, such as wooden whales, golden leaves and acorns.

The shop has things for the kitchen table from the table runners to the dishware. Wine glasses and water pitchers sit near the hand-blown tumblers and decanters.

Gift combinations may seem endless. College students might enjoy recipe notebooks, wooden-topped sketchpads and reusable metal straw kits. Men might appreciate the sunglasses and delicately cut wooden bowties.

Bath bombs provide some fun — some shaped like crystal geodes and others containing a surprise piece of jewelry, and all scented, including like vanilla chai, strawberry champagne, honeyed oatmeal and more.

Ritual kits are meant to bring positive energy for a new house or a new endeavor.

Since the June 1 store opening, both locals and recent transplants have visited the shop.

“We’ve gotten great feedback. Everyone’s excited for us to be here,” said Englert. “It’s nice to see something fresh, they said. They love the gift ideas because you can get something small, but something bigger might catch your eye.”


Revitalizing home sweet home


Brandon Tatum-Poole is typically found at his salon, Vogue on 54. So how did a hair stylist get into home décor?

“It’s really become a hobby for my husband and I. We enjoy it,” said Tatum-Poole, who also renovated and decorated the salon. “We love to decorate our home. We change our home decorating constantly,” he said with a laugh.

Besides fulltime jobs as a hair stylist and a banker, respectively, Brandon and Darren Tatum-Poole said they both are fully dedicated to the Selbyville shop (and their 9-month-old baby) and love finding the perfect items that shoppers would want to take home.

“We wanted it to be very boutique-y as well,” said Tatum-Poole. “We wanted it to be more of a destination, so you can go there and roam about and say, ‘Oh, I’d like to have that for myself.’ … Or ‘That made me think of this person, I’d like to buy this for them.’ …  Or ‘I need a last-minute graduation gift tonight.’”

The Southerners moved to Selbyville about seven years ago and saw the potential of a quaint little town.

“It is home to us now,” Tatum-Poole said. “We were thinking of different ways we could bring new business to the downtown Selbyville area and kind of rebuild it, like something that Berlin (Md.) has going on. … Something my husband and I have passion with is decorating.”

So, when the brick-front building became available, they could pursue their décor dreams and contribute to Selbyville’s wellbeing.

Selbyville’s downtown already has retail, professional offices, some food, historic buildings, library and ongoing renovations for a new town hall building. But the old downtown is not generally considered to be a regional destination.

Although a downtown restaurant recently closed, there’s buzz about a potential coffee shop or ice cream parlor.


Personalized design


They will soon offer personalized interior design services, whether a client just wants to brainstorm their vision or wants help hanging every last picture.

Good interior decorating can completely change how a person perceives his or her space.

“It’s very important for your own wellbeing for your home to be well-decorated and comfortable — somewhere you go in and that weight be lifted off of you, like going on vacation,” said Tatum-Poole.

Tatum-Poole Décor is inviting shoppers to come inland, since the beach can be so hectic in summer.

“Yes, you can go down to Route 1, but in summertime it’s nice to go in the opposite direction,” Englert said. “Check it out. We are working to bring Selbyville back. … I want people to come here and see the potential we see, hearing what it used to be.”

Tatum-Poole Décor & More is located at 14 W. Church Street, Selbyville. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Parking is on-site.

For more details, call (302) 436-5350 or visit or their Facebook and Instagram pages.


By Laura Walter

Staff Reporter