SDT, Sussex County collaborate on new visitors guide

Southern Delaware Tourism (SDT) and Sussex County Economic Development have teamed up to create a new visitors guide that combines comprehensive county tourism information with details about the county’s business-friendly environment.

“‘It starts with a visit,’ is a phrase that we repeat often here at Southern Delaware Tourism,” said SDT Executive Director Scott Thomas. “All the time, we see first visits turning into summer vacations that become beloved traditions families share for generations.

“For entrepreneurs and business executives, first visits often lead to serious, detailed inquiries about our local business climate and, from there, to new local businesses. It just makes sense to offer information of interest to both visitors and entrepreneurs in the same resource guide because the two groups often overlap. Tourism is, after all, economic development.”

Bill Pfaff, director of Sussex County Economic Development, agreed.

“Our beautiful beaches, bays and waterways are just the gateway to good living in Sussex County,” he said. “Who wouldn’t want to live, work or run a business in the place where you vacation?”

Pfaff added that the Economic Development Guide within the visitors’ guide is an open invitation to take a look at the business, manufacturing and tech side of Sussex.

“Give us a call regarding our current incentives and low-interest loan program,” he added.

The new visitors’ guides will be distributed beginning this summer.