Bypass could be the key to downtown Millsboro

Millsboro is an exciting, growing town that has concentrated much of its corporate growth along the highway, and its new residential communities a comfortable distance away from the downtown, small-business-dominated area.

The plan has allowed them to expand services without changing the character or intimacy of the downtown area — except for one nagging problem.

The trucks.

The fact is that tractor-trailers need to travel through Millsboro to conduct business, but the sounds and traffic congestion have become a problem for small businesses and pedestrians enjoying downtown, alike. 

Construction is scheduled to begin in the 2023 fiscal year on a new $85 million bypass that will move traffic going east and west away from the downtown area, a bypass that officials hope will help the ambience of downtown in the future.

“That would be part of the long-term vision, to have restaurants downtown put out their sandwich signs and maybe have some café-style seating on the sidewalks,” explained Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson. It’s really hard to facilitate that with all of the truck traffic downtown.”

Officials at DelDOT are now working on preliminary design and the field survey for the project. DelDOT’s Mark Whiteside called downtown “one of the worst bottlenecks in Delaware.”

So, yes, traffic downtown is crazy. And loud. But help looks to be coming down the road.