Dagsboro to host Night Out on Aug. 6

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, from 6 to 8 p.m., Dagsboro will host its second annual Night Out event, designed to encourage positive relationships among the whole community, and specifically with local law-enforcement. Night Out is a national event designed to enhance communication between residents and local officials, creating the opportunity to view the police and what they do in a positive light.

In Dagsboro, organizers said they use it as a way to celebrate the town with fun meet-and-greets, educational demonstrations and free activities for the whole family. The event is put on by the Dagsboro Business Alliance and partnerships with the Town of Dagsboro, Dagsboro Police Department, and the hosts, the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department.

For more information on Dagsboro’s Night Out, contact Audrey Miller at dagsborocs@gmail.com.