New council members keeping eyes on community

People of this community saw a significant change in their representation on Sussex County Council last fall when newcomers Doug Hudson and John Rieley moved into the seats of former councilmembers Rob Arlett and George Cole.

Cole was the longest-serving member of the council in history, so his absence was sure to be felt by many, and Arlett had built himself a name in a relatively-short time, eventually running for Tom Carper’s spot in the U.S. Senate. Though both Hudson and Rieley were well-known in the community, there was still a sense of the unknown with what they would bring to the table. A Coastal Point interview with the two men this week shined a little light on their priorities, and how they give a lot of stock to what their constituents want them to address.

Hudson, who retired from the Delaware State Police, came in with a particular interest in public safety. Rieley was interested in the County’s financial status. Both, as is the nature of the position, have found themselves spending a lot of time on infrastructure, traffic and development concerns. Because, well, it’s Sussex County, and those issues generate a ton of attention.

They have both put an emphasis on updating and improving the airport, both because of employment opportunities for the County into the future, and because the state police have a hangar there to fly out for medical, search and rescue, and traffic crashes. They also are eyeing the targeting of other businesses for the area.

It’s interesting to see how priorities stay or shift for newly-elected officials, and these two seem to be serving in the people’s best interest.