Millsboro police get equipment funding

The Millsboro Town Council on Monday unanimously approved Police Chief Brian Calloway’s request to use $30,000 in Sussex County Block Grant funding for equipment for the police department. The grant money is awarded to police departments that send officers to assist outside their town limits, in unincorporated parts of Sussex County.

The requested equipment includes:

• Equipment to allow police to share digital recordings and obtain data for improved preparedness. Currently, the police department is using a server purchased in 2013, and Police Chief Brian Calloway said he is concerned it might not last much longer.

• A warranty plan for Tasers.

Calloway said all patrol officers have Tasers, but some of them are out of warranty and will cost $2,200 to replace. Currently, only three of the 12 owned by the police department are under warranty, forcing some officers to share them.

He said he hopes each Taser will last more than five years, but a Taser must be shot twice every year to remain operational. He requested funding to buy a plan so if something goes wrong, he can turn the Taser in and get a new one.

• Four Dell computers to rearrange the police department and increase the number of workstations.

Minor renovations have been made to make room for staff, including the newly hired victim service specialist. This summer, closet space has been reallocated to enlarge the work space for patrol officers. There were two work stations, but there are now six and five desktop computers.

“This will allow most officers to have their own work space,” Calloway said.

• 14 flashlights.

• Funding for new vehicle markings.

• First-aid trauma kits used for serious wounds, for each patrol car.


By Susan Canfora

Point Reporter