County honors paramedic Hudson for 28 years of service

Sussex County paramedic Brent Hudson was honored by the Sussex County Council on Tuesday, July 30, for 28 years of service.

Hudson, who was a paramedic for the county from 1990 until this year, received a commendation thanking and congratulating him “with wishes of happiness and good health.”

Council President Mike Vincent posed for a photo with Hudson and said the two of them had ridden together often, with Hudson as paramedic and Vincent as ambulance attendant. He said he hoped future generations of paramedics would share Hudson’s philosophy of being kind to those being transported.

Hudson told the council that when he began working as a paramedic, it was a “scoop and swoop situation” because the work wasn’t as well understood or detail-oriented as it is now.

“I will forever be grateful for the opportunity” to care for visitors, residents and sometimes family members, he said.

Those attending the council meeting stood and applauded.