Children’s book ‘My Name is Aida’ arrives at local stores

“My Name is Aida,” an illustrated children’s book about one of the most controversial issues of the day, has arrived at the Delmarva beaches. The story, about an unaccompanied minor who came to the United States as a young child, is now available in Bethany Beach at Tidepool Toys & Games, and in Lewes at Kids’ Ketch.

The true story of a 13-year-old Cuban girl who arrived in the United States in 1961 and eventually became a Delaware judge, the book describes her struggles leaving behind all she ever knew and adjusting to a new language and culture. Feeling at first that she did not fit in because she was different, she learned that being different is good both for the individual and the society. In the child’s words, “We were all different, and that was okay.”

Said author Aida Waserstein, “I think this book will help many children who are exposed and perhaps frightened by today’s news. But the story’s happy ending will put a smile on their faces.”

Waserstein added, “Coming here as a child by myself was traumatic. I had to conquer many obstacles, and I ultimately flourished. As an adult, I have treasured many years on the Delaware beaches, where I have seen my family grow. Walking on the beach, diving into the waves and watching the seagulls has given me countless hours of pleasure.”