Stephan: Ellian didn’t get much right


Lev Ellian posted a nonsense letter on Aug. 30, smearing South Bethany and its government. He claimed to have worked here as a cop 15 years ago and now lives in Maryland. He seems to know as much about South Bethany today as I know about astrophysics.

His letter claimed that the town is run by non-residents who don’t understand police operations. He seemed to claim the council took steps to get rid of the police force to save money and that we are now defenseless against crime.

First, it’s true that many of our officers did resign and the chief retired as serious operational problems were revealed. Although the chief who resigned claimed new rules kept him from attracting any replacements, his successor totally re-staffed in short order. (Hey, Lev — we have a police force!)

In any event, South Bethany has always been an exceptionally crime-free place. It’s also a wonderful place to live. Our real estate sales are booming as a result.

Second, our seven-person council has only one non-resident.

Third, our council understands police operations enough to grasp the basics. Cops should fill out reports, even if they are busy. They should not let the police hotline get clogged with calls dating back to 2012. No-one should be partying behind the station. In Mr. Ellian’s defense, he may have missed such fine points of policing during his claimed 30-year career as a cop.

I think Mr. Ellian was put up to writing his letter. He exhibits little firsthand knowledge of South Bethany. However, the nature of his smears looks very familiar.

There is a small, resentful group in town that wanted to let the police mess slide. They claim to be motivated by close friendship with the former chief. Trashing the town and dividing it have been a key tactic.

The group has already planted at least one letter in the Coastal Point that was ghost-written and then shopped around for a credible signature. Other letters have had that look. These few people have brought the sleaze of national politics to our little town. Mr. Ellian was probably just another pawn.

Kent Stephan

South Bethany