Denault concerned with forum interaction


As one of your elected Bethany Beach Town Council members, I would like to say how refreshing it was to see so many folks come out for the Meet the Candidates night on Friday, Aug. 30.

There was good dialog, and I know that I, along with my fellow council members, heard the passion for the issues presented and truly hope that more of you will attend the monthly council meetings held on the third Friday of each month at 2 p.m. at town hall to continue open dialog about issues and matters of importance to you!

For the most part, I felt the evening went well, with a lively exchange of issues, concerns and ideas, and what you feel your council should be focused on going forward. There was one moment, however, that was very disappointing, and I wish I had stood up and addressed it immediately. I berated myself all the way home that I didn’t!

When Councilman Healy responded to a question about how long he has been on council (12 years), an individual in the audience yelled out that “It’s time for you to go.” That individual owes Councilman Healy an apology for his rude and totally unacceptable outburst.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Councilman Healy for the last two years, and he deserves far more respect and thanks for his willingness to serve our Town and all its citizens so well, which is something, to my knowledge, the individual has yet to do.

Faith Denault

Bethany Beach Town Council