Bethany gets love for aesthetics, leadership


On Labor Day, the traditional end of the summer season, I was thinking about all that the Bethany Beach employees did once again this summer to make the season a safe and enjoyable experience every day for residents and our thousands of visitors.

What started me thinking about this was learning that the Public Works Department employees had been working late, especially on Saturday and Sunday, removing mountains of trash bags that they had collected from the beach. They did this every day, in addition to all their regular duties.

This is not easy work, to put it mildly, especially on the hottest days. Now here they were on Labor Day, making their usual Monday morning pick-up rounds and otherwise working on other tasks. Labor Day is supposed to be their holiday, and here I was sleeping late and enjoying the day. There was something wrong with this picture.

One thing was clear. Brett Warner, director of Public Works, leads an outstanding team. And that includes Melinda Linde, our landscape artist and her crew. Is there a more beautiful town than Bethany Beach?

Then I thought about all the others who contribute so much to our community:

• Chief Michael Redmon and all the officers of the Bethany Beach Police Department on patrol, covering events, responding to calls and keeping us safe all summer;

• Capt. Joe Donnelly and the beach patrol lifeguards watching out for beachgoers every day;

• Julie Malewski organizing and coordinating all the summer entertainment events (and maybe best of all, providing her own super talent as a back-up singer for Elvis);

• The trolley operators busy every day (40,000-plus passengers during the summer);

• The parking and beach enforcement staff, often unappreciated (or worse), but fair to all where the necessary restrictions are concerned;

• Ron Foreman and our Water Department staff, who provide us with a safe, reliable supply of water (never take clean water for granted);

• Nancy Lucy, providing hands-on, educational programs at the Nature Center;

• And certainly not least in term of contribution — Our town manager, Cliff Graviet; Assistant Town Manager John Apple; Susan Frederick (Building Department); Janet Connery (Finance Department); Lisa Kail (town clerk) and all the dedicated Town headquarters support staff, keeping an eye on all the details, addressing all the citizen questions and concerns, and keeping the Town running smoothly year-round.

We are very fortunate in Bethany Beach to have so many outstanding, hard-working and conscientious individuals working every day for the Town and for all of us — property owners and visitors.

I don’t get a chance to thank them all individually, especially since I’ve been working on my retirement goal of becoming a recluse. So, this is an effort to express my appreciation, and I’m sure the appreciation of many others, to everyone on the staff and to give them some very well-deserved recognition. Thanks for keeping Bethany Beach such a wonderful community.


Jerry Hardiman

Bethany Beach