Greetings from the Peverley House

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Historic Coastal Towns offer you a glimpse of earlier times in South Bethany by touring six historic cottages and the town’s Richard Hall Memorial Walkway of historic markers.   Present owners are graciously opening their history-filled rooms to the public between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Limited tickets must be purchased in advance at Ellen Rice Gallery, Rt. 26, Ocean View, at Made By Hand, South Bethany, at Sea Needles, Rt. 26, Bethany, or on line at  Tickets are $25, and proceeds support the creation of a new Coastal Towns Museum at 40 West Ave. in Ocean View. 

The beach cottage was the second house built in South Bethany DE. It was built in 1954 by Mr. Paul Abbott.  At that time, South Bethany was nothing more than a sand bar along the Atlantic Ocean. Later, the Abbotts sold the cottage to Mr. Evans, who later sold it to Mrs. Eleanor Stouffer.  In 1985, Sydney and Susan Peverley purchased the charming cottage.  While working in the front yard one day in 1986, Susan Peverley said Mr. Abbott's son stopped by. 

He told her that he and his father came over the Chesapeake Bay by ferry from Virginia. They came in a pick-up truck loaded with lumber etc. to build this cottage. The second story was unfinished. There were no dormer windows on the front, and no central heat.  The inside was finished in knotty pine.  The original bar stools are still in the cottage. In 2005 a total renovation was done but keeping it in the original cottage style.  

Since the cottage was purchased in the late fall, the family was anxious to see the house. So, they all came for Easter the next spring.  They have been coming every Easter for over 30 years! It has been enjoyed by their whole family, including 3 children, 11grandchildren,and2greatgrandchildren.The sign hanging near the front door was Sydney’s idea. He came up with the name

“Lazy Susan” professing his wife could come to the beach and just be lazy. Susan tells everyone "In 50 Giant Steps" you are in the ocean!