Ocean View to revisit parking occupancy limit

The Ocean View Town Council will meet for a special session at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 24, to discuss amending a parking ordinance.

At the regular meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Walter Curran explained that there is a town ordinance establishing an occupancy parking limit.

“There are two parts to this ordinance. One limited the number of people to a house. The other part of it was limiting parking.

“We limited it to off-street parking. We started picking up on some issues, then we started getting comments from other people in the town. It was grossly unfair the way it would work out, so we are going to introduce an ordinance so we will change the parking so it will be one-vehicle-per-bedroom allowed. It won’t say on-street or off-street parking,” he said.

Curran said 20 people were living in one house in Ocean View, with 13 cars parked there.

“That was a little much. We are going to address it. We do believe we will have a much more rational approach to the parking situation,” he said.