Selbyville moves into its new downtown digs

The Town of Selbyville has been looking to give the downtown area a little boost. By moving its town hall to the former PNC bank location at the intersection of West Church street and Main Street, the Town is putting its money where it’s mouth is.

Officials moved in to their new digs on Wednesday, Sept. 11, and along with the four total parcels the Town acquired there, appear to be set up for the long haul. 

“It’s been a long process, just coordinating everything, getting all the electricians, and security people and IT people,” explained Council Member Clarence “Bud” Tingle. “Construction was pretty straightforward, but just finishing stuff up has been pretty hectic. But it should work!” 

This was a big commitment from the Town. The bank location had continuously been a bank since 1903, to the best of people’s memories, and now all Town business, along with the police department, will be conducted in the heart of town. It is similar to how Millsboro is considering moving its own town hall to the downtown area of its town — by placing itself in the heart of town, officials are basically saying downtown is open for business.

“It’s a good thing,” said Mayor Clifton Murray. “With the future and the growth, that’s the perfect place.”

We congratulate Selbyville on its move to its new location, and are optimistic that this could be the impetus to a revitilization of a beautiful downtown area. 

A public open house is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 4.

“We hope to see you up there on the fourth,” said Tingle.