Selbyville Town Hall moves into new, central location

The walls looked rather empty at the Selbyville Town Council’s meeting on Monday night. The books and photos had been packed away, ready for a new adventure.

Moving day arrived on Tuesday, Sept. 10, as Selbyville Town Hall was officially moved to a new building in the middle of town. All business will now be conducted from 1 W. Church Street, a tall brick building at the downtown intersection of Main Street that was formerly a PNC bank location.

“We’re in the process of moving out,” Council Member Clarence “Bud” Tingle Jr. announced Sept. 9 at the old, one-story building at 68 West Church Street. “We’re supposed to all be in and hooked up tomorrow. … Structurally, everything is done. It looks good up there.”

“We don’t know what kind of kinks we’re going to have happen tomorrow. … Just bear with us during the transition,” said Town Administrator Stacey Long. “We’re all going to be extremely happy to be up there [with] a lot more room.”

But on Wednesday afternoon, town staff said that the move went smoothly. Although the address has changed, all town phone numbers and services otherwise all remain the same.

The police station and town offices will continue to be housed together in one municipal building. The new town meeting room is slightly larger than the old one.

The property is believed to have always been a bank, ever since the Baltimore Trust Company was founded there in 1903. A series of mergers brought PNC there in 2008, but that bank permanently closed on June 16, 2017, possibly the first time in 114 years that the corner property wasn’t a bank.

But the Town of Selbyville showed an interest, and the real estate deal was finalized on March 20, 2018. Then design and construction work began to convert the bank into a town office and police station.

“It’s been a long process, just coordinating everything, getting all the electricians, and security people and IT people,” Tingle said. “Construction was pretty straightforward, but just finishing stuff up has been pretty hectic. But it should work!”

They get the whole section of the block, roughly 1.2 acres fronting Church Street, Main Street and Dukes Street. In all, Selbyville bought four parcels with the building, including several small parking lots and a grassy lot.

“It was a nice building. … It was a good deal, and we’re looking into trying to revitalize the whole downtown area,” Tingle said.

“It’s a good thing,” said Mayor Clifton Murray. “With the future and the growth, that’s the perfect place.”

In Selbyville, PNC customers can continue to use the on-site ATM, which was part of the sales agreement. It will be operated by the company, not the Town.

There will be a public open house on Friday, Oct. 4.

“We hope to see you up there on the fourth!” Tingle said.


By Laura Walter

Staff Reporter