Frankford harvest

Rumbling down Frankford’s main street on Monday afternoon, this combine began its autumn corn harvest. Barry Mitchell of Frankford, who sharecrops the land, was hoping to finish all 16 acres in one day.

Sweeping through several rows of corn at once, the combine will snap off the stalks; pull the corn into the machine; collect and store the kernels; and toss the extra stalks back onto the field as ‘free nutrients’ for next year. Every few laps, the combine dumps all the corn kernels into a tractor trailer, parked right on the field.

Mitchell carries two more tractors with him — in the form of matching tattoos on each arm in memory of his father and grandpop, who came to Frankford and was farming in the 1930s.

‘It’s long days,’ especially when the temperature is near 90 degrees and the combine’s air conditioning won’t work. But some days are quiet, too, Mitchell said. ‘I enjoy it.’


Laura Walter

Coastal Point Staff Reporter