Kids creating ‘Kindness Explosion’ for Frankford library patrons

Reading books can bring the full range of human emotions. Books can transport one into new worlds and historic moments. They can bring laughter and sadness. Visitors to the Frankford Public Library, though, might find something else inside the books they check out.

On Saturday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to noon, the library will be holding a “Kindness Explosion” event. Children will be decorating colored index cards with notes and pictures. The cards will be hidden in books throughout the library, according to Rachel Jackson, the Frankford library’s children’s services coordinator.

Jackson said she got the idea from another library that did a similar activity. She will supply all the drawing and writing supplies, as well as some “inspirational” quotes to get the participants started.

As library patrons find the hidden messages, Jackson said, “they can certainly keep them if they want to.” They are also more than welcome to replace the message in the book for its next reader, or bring it place it in another book they check out, she said.

“I imagine they’ll stay there for quite a while,” she said of messages that get put back into the books. She said she just wanted to offer a fun activity that would allow children at the library to do something nice for others in the community.

Jackson emphasized that the Kindness Explosion is open to all youth — “from those who can barely hold a crayon to teens” — and that she is looking forward to seeing what the participants come up with.

She added that the library has numerous programs for youth and adults scheduled for October. Trick-or-treaters are invited to stop in at the library on Oct. 31 between 4 and 7 p.m. for candy.

The Frankford Public Library is located at 8 Main Street. For more information on the Kindness Explosion and other upcoming activities, call the library at (302) 732-9351 or visit


By Kerin Magill

Staff Reporter