Auditor: Selbyville finances in ‘clean’ condition

Running a small town can be difficult. 

Obviously, running a large city also comes with its own set of perils and challenges, but the operations of a small town often require officials to juggle many various duties, invite smart growth, improve infrastructure, maintain the character of the town and, maybe most importantly, be responsible and accountable for the municipality’s finances.

It can be daunting, and people who think their town council members just show up to a meeting once a month and vote are naive and a little unfair as to how hard these people do have to work on a day-to-day basis. What thanks do they get? Usually angry people who don’t like a decision insulting them at meetings or on social media, or pain-in-the-neck media people hovering around and criticizing them at every turn.

Let’s flip things around a little this week.

The Selbyville Town Council received an audit from the PKS & Company firm earlier this month, and the result was “clean” or “unmodified opinion” — which, we’re happy to share, is the highest level possible. That means that for you, citizens of Selbyville, the people you elected to run the Town, and the individuals those people hired to handle operations of the Town, are handling your hard-earned tax dollars in a responsible and professional manner.

The first responsibility of public officials is to maintain the public’s trust. Selbyville is doing just that.