Ocean View council to discuss parking requirement at Oct. 8 meeting

The Ocean View Town Council, at a work session this week, further discussed the section of an ordinance that would set an occupancy parking limit.

“There are two parts to this ordinance. One limited the number of people to a house. The other part of it was limiting parking,” Mayor Walter Curran explained.

“We already passed the ordinance that limits the number of people to two adults to a bedroom. Anyone over 6 years old was considered an adult for that purpose. There is also a parking restriction that says you have to provide off-street parking for anything over two cars. If they rent a two-bedroom apartment, they can have two vehicles. We are talking about off-street parking,” he said.

Curran said 20 people were living in one house in Ocean View, with 13 cars parked there.

“That was a little much. We are going to address it. We do believe we will have a much more rational approach to the parking situation,” he said.

At the special session on Tuesday, town council members said they still want to make changes to the proposed ordinance, but agreed it should require landlords to insist tenants park in a driveway or garage first, as space is available, and not automatically park on the street.

Council members will determine if they have the ability to enforce that requirement, as well as perfecting the wording of the ordinance, and discuss the matter again at the Oct. 8 town council meeting.

If passed, the ordinance will go into effect Jan. 1.


By Susan Canfora

Staff Reporter