Beach icon gets ETA recognition


Jesse Garron, Delaware’s own Elvis Presley, was inducted into the International ETA (Elvis Tribute Artists) Hall of Fame, which honors members for their dedication to fans and to their art while keeping the memory of Elvis Presley alive. Selection is by invitation only, and each member must meet a number of criteria.

Our own Elvis (Jesse Garron) has been performing at beach venues since 1999, playing summer concerts from Rehoboth Beach over July 4th weekend to Bethany Beach over Labor Day to the recent Sunfest in Ocean City.

And the reason our Jesse is so valuable to us is that his every movement, each gesture, his voice, his facial expressions, his costumes, his band, his small-talk patter with the audience, and his back-up singers are so authentic. He never drops being “Elvis” for a minute.

Following his concerts, the audience can approach him, talk with him, ask questions, get his autograph and buy his CDs. He has his own fan club, many of whom attend each performance, hoping again to get an Elvis scarf draped over their shoulders.

Finally, what we beach residents have known for years is now widely recognized. Our Elvis (Jesse Garron) is one of the finest impersonators on the circuit who has even garnered rave reviews from the Tropicana Casino and night club in Atlantic City.

In real life, Elvis’ bassist Jerry Scheff said, “Elvis always focused on the story of each song. It was like the words and melody went through his brain, then to his heart, and then came out of his mouth.”

What an apt description of our Jesse Garron as well, so at last, the ETA recognized what we Delaware beach fans have known all along and that’s why we can’t stop loving him.


Kathy A. Megyeri

South Bethany