Reader feels political climate is dangerous


I would like to address the current political climate in this country.

First let me state that I am an “unaffiliated” voter, I listen to Fox News and CNN to get different perspectives, I listen to the various “news” medias and to the politicians we have elected and then I research the facts of the issues myself, as best that I can determine. This process enables me to understand which side of the issue is being the most untruthful and disrespectful to the American people.

It is clear at this point in our history, that facts and truth have little meaning in politics today. We are being inundated with political theater, spin, opinions and propaganda by both political parties and those who we recognize as the “news” media, both print and electronic.

We continue to hear about the divide in this country, it is real and it is destructive. Many Americans have polarized themselves to believe only what one political party states as fact without questioning the truth or reality of the issue.

The harsh reality is that both political parties will lie, mislead, manipulate and spin any issue to their benefit if they believe it will help them get re-elected or gain more power. The best interest of the American people, as a group, has been superseded by the political self-preservation of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

The latest example is the now infamous “whistleblower” exposure of the Ukrainian phone call by the president. The way this issue has been handled so far is a prime example of the political theater that we are facing on a daily basis.

A whistleblower files a complaint with an Inspector General, in which the person states they have no firsthand knowledge of any of the facts. The IG deems the complaint “urgent” and creditable and sends it to the director of national intelligence.

When complaint is deemed “urgent” it must be sent to a committee in Congress within a certain period of time. The DNI and the IG meet with the Justice Department to review the complaint, and the determination is that the complaint does not meet the criteria set in the statute that defines what an “urgent” complaint must contain.

While this process is going on, the committee that would be sent the complaint if it was urgent is upset with the DNI and calls him before the committee to explain, in a public hearing, why he is not following the rule and obstructing their work.

In that hearing, the DNI explains, in the first 10 minutes, that the labeling of the whistleblower’s complaint by the IG was incorrect because the complaint did not meet any of the requirements required by statute to have it deemed urgent and therefore did not have to be sent to the committee in the set timeframe.

That should have been the end of the hearing, yet the hearing went on for three hours so that both political parties could put their spin on the issue. Political theater at its best.

No one questions why the Inspector General did not understand the guidelines for labeling a complaint urgent. No one questions why the committee called a public hearing to question the director of national intelligence when they could have received his explanation in a closed session. No one questions why the hearing went on for three hours when the alleged answer the committee was looking for was presented in the first 10 minutes.

I think we should question all of the above and question whether there was a search for truth involved or just political optics as the motivator.

We have the Democrats wanting to impeach the president for allegedly pressuring a leader of another country based on an unverified whistleblower complaint. Yet when the former Democratic vice president, Joe Biden, blatantly and proudly extorted a leader of a country, under threat of withholding a billion dollars of aid, to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a company in which his son had a position, no Democrat seemed to care.

We are talking about the leading Democratic candidate for president. If he is willing to take such action as a vice president, what will he do if he becomes president? Anyone else see a double standard? Shouldn’t the ethical standards be the same for everyone regardless of political affiliation?

The two-party system in the country is leading us down a self-destructive pathway. Watching our elected officials over the past several years makes a clear case for term limits and the development of a third party.

As a child of the ’60s I recall clearly the mantra of “question authority.” You know what? It was right on, now more than ever. We need to question everything we hear and read because we are being politically manipulated every day. Question, learn things, keep an open mind, understand the issues, and do not blindly follow anyone or any political party. When we do those things, I think we are doing what the founders of this nation would want to have happen in the republic they created.


Lou Scrivani