Reader urges State to take action on vaping


Vaping is killing people.

As of this writing, federal officials have said that 12 people in the USA have died and more than 800 have become ill due to vaping. These numbers are sure to rise in the coming weeks.

The exact cause of these illnesses and deaths is not yet known, but the current focus of the investigation by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention is chemical exposure due to additives such as vitamin E acetate, which is added to dilute THC oil and increase profits for the criminals who manufacture and sell these black-market products.

Protecting consumers from dangerous products is an essential responsibility of government. This current nationwide crisis is yet another concern that makes it imperative for Delaware to pass House Bill 110 in 2020 and legalize cannabis for adult use.

HB110 will impose a strict “seed to sale” system of tracking and compliance requirements that will enable state regulators to monitor legalized cannabis products through every step in the supply chain.

Only by creating a regulated and taxed market can we begin to erode the economic incentives and profit opportunities for criminals and provide our citizens with the safe products they want.

HB110 will replace an existing illegal industry with a taxed and regulated market that will generate substantial tax revenue, create hundreds of jobs, reduce government spending, restrict access and enable law enforcement to focus on serious public safety matters. And as the vaping crisis has shown us, it will also save lives.

Call your locally elected officials and urge them to vote yes on HB110.


Dan Winschel

Bethany Beach