Millsboro police to host Halloween event on Oct. 31

The Millsboro Police Department, in partnership with local businesses, will host the town’s annual Halloween celebration on Thursday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m., welcoming children 12 or younger.

Dressed in costume, children may attend the annual event at Millsboro Town Hall, as well as go trick-or-treating in neighborhoods during the same hours that day.

“The event we have at town hall is a safe place for people to meet and interact with police officers and be involved in our town during Halloween,” Police Chief Brian Calloway said.

“We’ve done this for so many years. We started in 2007. Our event is unique in the fact that we, as police officers, are just facilitators. This takes a group effort to be able to put this together. Yes, it is us giving out candy to children, but what makes ours different is we partner with businesses and the schools. We get the candy, they bag it, and we give it out to the kids,” he said.

This year, the police department worked with Sussex Academy.

“Those who come will get a bag of candy. We’ll be there to greet the kids. We’ll have marked units there. The fire department will be there, and some other businesses come out as well and they have donations to give out. It’s a great time,” Calloway said.

Wesleyan Church of Millsboro, next to town hall, celebrates Halloween at the same time, so children and their families can visit both.

“Last year we had a couple business partners there. Chick-fil-A was there. State Farm was there. We have a couple vehicles on display. We have the antique police car. The fire department was there. Halloween is already going on at that time, so kids are welcome to visit us,” the chief said.

The annual gathering began at Dairy Queen on Main Street, then moved to town hall, causing the chief to be, at first, skeptical.

“But it ended up working out,” he said. “It worked out better than I imagined.”


By Susan Canfora
Staff Reporter