Letters to the Editor

Bethany offers thanks to those who visited Dinker-Irvin Cottage


The Dinker-Irvin Cottage in Bethany Beach was open to the public on Saturdays from Sept. 21 through Oct. 26. We want to thank all who visited the recently renovated home that will become a town museum in the next year or so.

Built in 1903-1904, the house was originally on 1st Street and the home of William A. Dinker, one of the “Pittsburgh Six” credited with developing the Town of Bethany Beach. In 1911, it was moved to Garfield Parkway, bought by William Short, and served as the Bethany Beach Post from 1922 to 1925. Ida Mae Irvin purchased the house in 1925, and it remained in her family until Christina and Clem Edgar donated it to the Town in 2016.

After being moved from the Edgar property to its present location, a complete renovation over a six-month period prepared the house to become the Bethany Beach Dinker-Irvin Cottage Museum. Temporary displays were created as a preview of the future museum for visitors these past weeks.

It has been enjoyable talking with the many interested and enthusiastic visitors, and we look forward to seeing you all again when the museum is a reality! Please visit www.townofbethanybeach.com for updates or like us on Facebook at visitbethanybeach.

Bethany Beach Cultural & Historical Affairs Committee


Drew takes concerns to representative

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

I left a message with your Wilmington office, but wanted to write my thoughts out directly.

The Congressional act of Impeachment is a very serious act in my book. It is a unique right given only to the House. Yet the term “impeachment of President Trump” has been called for almost daily, in a cavalier manner for the past three years, most always, by Democrats.

Since President Trump was elected in 2016, all I have heard from one Democrat after another, is the drumbeat of “impeach him.” I hoped the clamor for impeachment might end after Special Counsel Mueller’s report was released, but the clamor has only increased. The only thing that has changed is the supposed “impeachment charge.”

There has never been a specific charge but only general accusations from “Russian collusion,” abuse of power, racist comments, to the current accusation — “quid pro quo” reportedly asked for in a phone call with the President of Ukraine discussing corruption.

Where were these Democrats when President Obama did his “quid pro quo” with the terrorist state of Iran and paid $1.7 billion to the Iranian mullahs to gain the release of four American prisoners per the Associated Press, Sept. 7, 2016? In my experience, quid pro quo is a normal way to conduct foreign policy at all levels of government, as long as there is no personal gain.

I am concerned about your silence as your colleague, Rep. Adam Schiff, continues to hold his “impeachment inquiry” behind closed doors, with limited Republican participation and certainly denying President Trump any due process.

I request that you as my representative be my spokesman for transparency and let Chairman Schiff know that there are many of us in Delaware that are fed up. Enough is enough! Either begin the formal process provided for in statute, or drop this issue and start doing the work of the people and pass the budget, authorization and appropriation bills instead of a steady flow of continuing resolutions.

Thank you for your consideration of my views.

Philip M. Drew
Bethany Beach


Cottage tour a hit, thanks to many


On behalf of the Coastal Towns Historic Village located in Ocean View, we want to thank the wonderful people who made our annual historic cottages tour a great success. As with any big project, many volunteers gave their time to support the fundraiser — proceeds of which support the creation of the Coastal Towns Museum, which will highlight our area’s history and cultures.

First, a big thank-you to the South Bethany Historical Society’s members who organized the tour. Their can-do attitude made it happen! We are also very grateful to homeowners in South Bethany for opening their doors for folks to see their beautiful places, even with the crazy flooding on the bayside!

Also, thank you to Ocean View Historical Society, Fenwick Island Historical Group, Bethany Beach Cultural & Historical Affairs Committee, South Bethany Historical Society and the Lord Baltimore Women’s Club for publicity work and for being docents the day of the tour. Thank you to our town managers and staff in Millville, Ocean View, Bethany Beach, South Bethany and Fenwick Island for their support.

And we can’t thank enough Susan Lyons and Darin McCann of the Coastal Point for promotion, publicity, photography and for the creation of the tour booklet (which has lots of interesting information about South Bethany’s history — still available at Made by Hand in South Bethany). Please frequent all the businesses who purchased ads for the booklet. These are the folks who really support our community!

Save the date for next year! The next historic cottages tour will feature the oldest cottages in Bethany Beach, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020.

Kimberly Grimes, Chair
Coastal Towns Museum Committee


Reader applauds South Bethany officials


Kudos to the South Bethany Planning Commission for the extremely thorough and very thoughtful submission on beach bike parking options presented at the South Bethany Town Council meeting Oct. 24. While not finalized, the Planning Commission had many useful suggestions for the Council’s consideration and was well received by the large crowd in attendance.

Part of the Planning Commission’s presentation included on-the-beach bike parking constructed in a way to mitigate impact on the sand dunes and also allow for quick removal in the event of adverse weather. Dune bike parking is already being used in Ocean City.

The Planning Commission also suggested repurposing a number of existing car parking spots along the beach into bike parking spots, perhaps using innovative racks to mitigate dropped bikes, as used in other beach towns. They also suggested using part of the public beach access walkways in the same manner.

Interestingly, data presented by the Planning Commission showed that their Zone 1, which contained mostly the large beach off of Sandpiper Village, had as many bike parkers the past summer as the rest of the South Bethany beaches combined. This beach is also likely to see the greatest growth in beachgoers as it is the first beach that travelers from the west of South Bethany encounter. Fortunately, it is also the widest beach in South Bethany so has the greatest capacity. Consequently, all options for beach bike parking should be on the table here.

As a number of speakers at the council meeting noted, the volume of bikers to the South Bethany beaches will only increase. It makes sense to plan for future demand and not just for current needs. New and innovative approaches will be needed and no viable alternative should be rejected.

As part of these considerations though biker safety should be paramount. Bike parking should be brought as close to all the South Bethany beaches as possible. Many of those who bike in are children or parents with small children. Keeping them away from and off of Route 1 is important. It makes more sense to allow bikes to park in the spaces near the beach, where it is safer, than to have cars park there.

Let’s hope the South Bethany Town Council receives the Planning Commission report with the same amount of thought and deliberation given to developing the proposals.

Joseph P. Petito
South Bethany


Family grateful for help, support


Sincere thanks to the good Samaritans at the accident, the EMTs who transported to Beebe and Christiana, the doctors, surgeons and nurses and stage at both hospitals who cared for Ron Smith. Thanks also for the love, outreach and comfort from everyone in the St. Ann’s community, as well as from other church communities in our area, and also from the South Bethany community. Thanks also to the Delaware State Police for their help, as well.

Florence Smith and family
South Bethany