Letter: Fenwick residents against project


As physicians and concerned residents of Fenwick Island, we are opposed to allowing the onshore transmission facility for the Skipjack wind farm to be located in Fenwick Island State Park. There are numerous concerns regarding the potential health risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). These include cancers, such as leukemia in children, and reproductive disorders, such as miscarriage.

The planned size of the Skipjack Wind Farm is exponentially larger than the one at Block Island in Rhode Island. Block Island is the only offshore wind farm that is operational in the country and has five turbines. The fully-realized plan for wind farms off of the Delmarva coast is 32 turbines, each one more than 800 feet tall. This means that there will be the potential for a tremendous amount of energy (EMF) coming into the Fenwick Island transmission facility. There have been issues in Block Island with burying the cables which has required moving sand from the beach to cover the cables.(https://www.nationalfisherman.com/mid-Atlantic/wind-farm-cables-cause-he...).

The health of our residents and the health of the fragile ecosystem of Fenwick Island State Park is at risk if we let this project move forward.


Elizabeth Ross MD
Bennett Frankel DMD
Fenwick Island