Millsboro council approves hiring of new police officer

The Millsboro Town Council, at their special meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14, authorized Police Chief Brian Calloway to begin the process of hiring another officer.

“This is to set the stage — depending on what the Indian River School District does, and what happens with the annexation the Town is considering — if they contract with the Town to have Millsboro provide a school resource officer,” Town Manager Sheldon Hudson explained.

The town council has been discussing annexing the East Millsboro Elementary School property into town limits. The elementary school is at 29346 Iron Branch Road. The Town already provides water and sewer to the elementary school.

Millsboro Middle School, at 302 East State Street, is inside town limits.

The benefit of annexation would be that the police department could be contacted directly, if needed, and not have to wait to be notified by Sussex County Communications, known as SUSCOM.

“It could shave off response time — probably only seconds,” Hudson said.

The hiring process for a new officer is starting early so the officer can be in place for the 2020-2021 school year.

If the new hire is a school resource officer, a large portion of the salary will be paid by the school district, Hudson said.


By Susan Canfora
Staff Reporter