Millsboro swap is good for the Town, residents


Millsboro Town Council voted earlier this week to build a new, two-story town hall at what Town officials are calling The Gateway — downtown, beside the existing police department office. 

In what is basically a swap, the existing police building will be razed, providing parking for the coming town hall, and the police department will move into the existing municipal building. This decision comes after several meetings,beginning in August, and review of architectural and engineering plans.

Here’s the deal: We love this move. 

For the police, the move into the current municipal building gets the officers out of the busy downtown area, allowing them to respond quicker without the imemdiate threat of bottleneck traffic surrounding them. It also provides them quicker access to Route 113, which is critical with the expansion of the highway’s business district, and the continued growth of Plantation Lakes and other developments.

For the Town’s administration, moving to downtown aligns with the Town’s general interest in reinvigorating downtown, and makes officials more accessible to the business owners along Main Street, as well as pedestrian traffic. The two-story building will be designed with a “barn feel” and feature the symbolic mill wheel outside, and will also be a nice “Hello” to people entering Millsboro from the east.

The swap allows increased efficiency for both buildings, and goes along with the current climate of Millsboro — growth to the west, and a burgeoning downtown to the east. 

This is a good decision for the Town, and its residents.